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I have a GC+ and wonder if I should get Edgerider wheels. I am very much a novice longarm quilter, but notice that my machine seems to
want to control itself at some points. I have been blaming it on the heavy curly cord, which tends to sway. I thought this might be what was causing me to get out of line as the machine follows the pattern, but others I talk to think this is not the problem and that I will get used to it. It just does not always seem smooth. I did not find a place to determine the size of the wheel for my Gammill and I am also afraid of trying to install anything on this machine by myself... It is very heavy to lift. Should I get a sewing machine shop to come to my house, if I get these? Also, how many would I need and which wheels do you replace? Another owner said you don't have toreplace the ones the machine rests on when you move it all the way over to< the side, but I am unclear on what this means.


If you have a Gammill Classic Plus you will need to replace 8 wheels. If you do not feel comfortable replacing the wheels yourself you can have someone help with the installation. Some of our dealers also offer installation as part of their service.

Please review the installation instructions and troubleshooting instructions on our manuals page to decide if you want to tackle the installation yourself.


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