Gammill Parking Wheels Touching Track


II have a Gammel classic 2005 we installed the edgeridger wheels but I am having trouble controlling the magine when it is close to the belly bar or top roller. We notice that the machine is running on the parking wheels because the parking wheel are .200 larger than your wheel and this seems to be the reason for the loss of control and the stich reg. surging.


A lot of our customers simply remove the parking wheels and use batting or some other material to park the machine. With the EdgeRider Wheels you should not roll them off the edge of the track anyway since the sharp edges can damage the wheels.

Information on how to adjust the parking wheels after installing your EdgeRider Wheels are located in the instructions shipped with the wheels.

We also have more in-depth instructions on how to adjust your parking breaks if you want to keep them on your machine. (page 4 and 5).

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