Barna Kasa October 27, 2009 Announcements

We are looking for dealers in the northwest United States (Washington, Oregon or northern California) and Texas.  Our prospective customers in these areas are under-served.

We are also looking for dealers in the UK. We have a lot of inquiried from teh UK for EdgeRider Wheels. Shipping wheels one at a time overseas is not the most cost-efficient way to provide our products to customers in the UK market. By shipping bulk to a dealer in the UK we can save significantly on shipping for the dealer as well as the end users.

What you need to do to become a dealer:

  • Need to have an existing retail business or quilting machine dealership.
  • Need to order minimum 5 sets as the initial order.
  • Sell at least 12 sets/year.
  • Add the Authorized Dealer button and link to your website.

What dealers receive:

  • Dealer price on all EdgeRider Wheel sets.
  • Free technical support to dealers and their customers.
  • Marketing materials for trade shows and in-store displays.
  • Listing on www.EdgeRiderWheels.com (if requested).
  • Free replacement parts (bolts, washers, etc).
  • Free marketing in any trade show we attend.
  • Free marketing in major trade publications.




Barna Kasa November 16, 2012 Support Articles

EZ Glide Wheels, made by Pleasure Tool Company, react to OIL and leave black, permanent marks on the brushed aluminum rails of Gammill machines. These marks cannot be removed and that smooth movement actually adds more fishtail wiggle and machine movement than the original wheels. Four of the eight wheels are flat and do not lock into the track. The machine operator has to be careful not to make fast movements or the machine will derail and jump the track, which could damage the machine. Depending on the operator's strength, it may be impossible to lift the machine back onto the track by themselves. 

Several quilters have either gone back to or replaced EZ Glide Wheels with EdgeRider Wheels, and are very glad they did because they now have control. This is especially true for computer quilting system owners that like to have patterns line up where they should, instead of always being off when the wheels Glide where they want to.

Here are two photos of the reaction of Easy Glide Wheels on a Gammill rail, that could not be removed.




Review By:
Ron Paul
Master Longarm Service Technician
Maintenance on All Brands with 22 years Experience